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Advancing Cancer Care Standards Through Integrative Medicine Research


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The Orion Center for Integrative Medicine is a Clinical Research Institute.  Through its research clinic, the Orion Center for Integrative Medicine in Seattle, Washington,  Dr. Bonnie McGregor, PhD. and her team are studying the impact of augmenting standard cancer care with integrative practices that support patients before, during and after cancer treatment. Her research demonstrates that a new standard for best practice in oncology improves patient outcomes and quality of life for patients, their families and providers. Center for Integrative Medicine is testing research protocols on the cutting edge of integrative oncology.

The Executive Director of the Orion Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Bonnie A. McGregor, is a behavioral scientist by training. She earned a BS in biology from Pacific Lutheran University and did research in the Clinical Research Division at Fred Hutch before attending graduate school at the University of Miami. Dr. McGregor was an Associate Member at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center until 2016.  Her NIH-funded research focused on nervous, endocrine and immune system interactions, as well as testing the effects of psychological intervention on mood and cancer-relevant biological outcomes.  She has authored numerous papers on how psychological intervention can influence psychosocial and biological outcomes that are relevant to cancer survivors.  For her work bridging clinical psychology and biological research, Dr. McGregor was awarded the Distinguished Psychologist Award from the Washington State Psychological Association in 2013.

The Orion Center for Integrative Medicine is the next logical step for Dr. McGregor’s research program.  Our research will show that integrative medicine will not only help cancer patients and their families feel better and do better, but will also improve cost outcomes and utilization.  This last dependent variable, we believe, is key to achieving our goal, making integrative medicine standard care.  While our overarching hypothesis is that patient focused integrative medicine will improve health and cost outcomes, Center for Integrative Medicine will also be home to other more tightly focused research projects.  For example, Dr. McGregor is currently working on a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded research project developing and testing a next generation 10-week, web-delivered, mindfulness-enhanced cognitive behavioral stress management intervention for ovarian cancer survivors.

Cancer patients who are not able to afford the integrative medical services offered by Orion providers are eligible to receive financial support for their care through our charity care program provided by our generous donors.  See our complete Charity Care Policy here.