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What is Health SMART?

Stress Management And Relaxation Training

Health SMART is a 10 week program of 2-hour workshops that teach scientifically-proven stress management techniques, including mindfulness. All workshops are conducted in a supportive group setting with other cancer survivors. There is no charge to participate. **Nominal fee for workbook.**

Is Health SMART for you? Would you like to learn how to cope more successfully with the stress in your life? Would you like to learn how to manage fear of recurrence more effectively? Participate in Health SMART!

  • Stress management
  • Coping techniques
  • Relaxation training,
  • Mindfulness
  • Support
  • Nutrition education

Would you like to better manage the stressors in your life? Just like everyone else, cancer survivors experience stress in their lives. In addition to normal life stress, cancer survivors must also manage treatment side effects, changes in social, physical, and emotional functioning, and worry about their risk of or recurrence. These concerns can add to the stress in their lives. Research has shown that high levels of stress can impact health in multiple ways.


Dr. Bonnie McGregor is a clinical psychologist and behavioral scientist. For over 20 years she has done research on how psychological interventions can improve not just mood but also immune function and health in cancer survivors.

Dr. Sarah Sullivan-Singh is a clinical psychologist who offers evidence-based treatment in private practice. She has worked with cancer patients for many years providing care that is both grounded in scientific evidence and uniquely tailored to each individual client.

Gretchen Gruender MS, RDN, CSO is a Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition with 14 years of experience as a clinical oncology nutritionist. Gretchen takes the whole person into consideration and will support your journey.

Location:  Orion Center for Integrative Medicine , 4000 NE 41st St., Building G, Suite 208 Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: 206-525-0414


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