Our goal is to provide accessible & affordable care for those touched by cancer and to continue our clinical research projects proving the efficacy of Integrative Medicine for cancer care.  

Your tax-deductible donations help us achieve our goal. 


Your tax-deductible donation allows us to offer our services to those in need and to expand our research projects and offerings.

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Charity Care Policy

The Orion Center for Integrative Medicine enrolls patients in its research protocols regardless of their ability to pay for the services provided by the Care Coordinator or recommended as part of their care plan.  This not only ensures that Orion patients receive care regardless of their ability to pay but that it may further its research by having a broad base of patients available to participate along with providers willing to provide the recommended services.  Once charity care is determined, Orion will reimburse the patients for any services to outside providers through a voucher system supported by our generous donors.  

Providing care regardless of ability to pay is critical to our research mission.  Insurance coverage does not adequately reimburse many of the integrated services provided.  Many cancer survivors pay out of pocket for their care.  This significantly limits the reach of services.  Cancer survivors commonly experience financial hardship due to multiple converging factors. 

First, the cost of the treatment can be very high.  Their out of pocket expenses are greater than for non-cancer patients. After the completion of treatment, many require ongoing cancer care due to late or lasting effects of treatment. To make matters worse, many are unable to work.  It has been estimated that 47-49% of cancer survivors experience some form of financial distress.  Compared to people without cancer, cancer survivors are twice as likely to file for bankruptcy.  Finally, bankruptcy has been linked with increased mortality.  Without charity care, our research participant pool would be biased toward those who could afford care.  Charity care is not only a kind thing to do, but our research requires it.

Procedure for Patients:

1.     Initial assessment for new patients will include an insurance authorization process.  If the patient’s insurance does not cover the assessment visit or any services recommended and the patient states they cannot afford those services, Orion Center will use donation dollars to cover those recommended services on behalf of the patient.

2.     The patient will be responsible for submitting an EOB identifying insurance denial.  Based on that denial, Orion Center will reimburse the provider for the services on behalf of the patient.

3.     The rate of reimbursement will be based on an average of fee schedule rates for like services in the area.  Each year Orion Center will identify the fee schedule reimbursement rates for integrative services and that will be used to reimburse providers for services provided to charity care recipients.

4.     Funds used in this capacity will be reported regularly to the board of directors and tracked in normal budget processes.

Any integrative medicine provider meeting qualifications to provide integrative services to cancer patients and survivors is eligible to receive charity care funds on behalf of Orion's charity care patients.